• Titan Amber Pellets

    Water soluble pellets

  • Titan Braskem Pellets


  • Titan Jabil CB Nylon Pellets

    ABS with carbon fiber

Benefits of Pellet Extrusion

  • Affordable Feedstocks

    Pellet extrusion 3D printing enables the use of affordable feedstocks, often at 10X reduction in cost compared to filament.

  • Faster Print Times

    High deposition rates ranging from 1lb – 30lbs per hour with pellet extrusion 3D printing means faster print times, enabling large parts to be printed in days instead of weeks.

  • More Material Options

    Pellet extrusion 3D printing opens up a world of material options, with hundreds of formulations available ranging from low durometer (soft) to high performance and highly filled resins such as carbon fiber and glass fiber.

Polymer Pellet Feedstocks

  • Flexible
    Durometers ranging down to 26 Shore A
    PEBA (flexible nylon)
  • Standard
    Commodity thermoplastics
  • High Performance
    CF/GF PC
    CF/GF Nylons

Examples of Pellet Extrusion Production Parts

  • Titan Ultem Tool

    Composite Layup Tool | Aerospace

    • Material:  LNP™ THERMOCOMP™ AM EC004APQ compound pellets (ULTEM™ with 20% carbon fiber).
    • Material Partner: SABIC
    • Part Weight: 20 lbs
    • Print Time: 12 hours
  • Titan Aquasys Soluble Core

    Soluble Core Duct Mold | Aerospace/Automotive

    • Material:  AquaSys® 180 water soluble pellets
    • Material Partner: Infinite™ Material Solutions
  • Titan PP Part

    Electrical Box Housing | Marine

    • Material: Polypropylene pellets
    • Material Partner: Braskem
Through Braskem’s partnership with 3D Systems, we have combined competencies in machine development and polymer design to introduce a unique product to the market. It is our goal to continue to listen to the needs of our clients and evolve our 3D product portfolio to best support the value chain. We look forward to our continued collaboration.
—Jason Vagnozzi, Braskem Additive Manufacturing Leader, North America
  • Compatible Materials

    Have a specific material in mind or need a custom compound? We can help you with material integration, testing, and procurement, and leverage our strong partnerships with top global chemical companies to implement unique and custom compounded materials for your additive manufacturing application.

Interested in purchasing pellet materials? Need a custom compound?

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