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Precision Printing, Limitless Possibilities

Bring your additive manufacturing to the next level:

  1. Production-Grade SLS Workflow Solution: The SLS 380 by 3D Systems offers a high throughput SLS additive manufacturing solution with exceptional levels of throughput, consistency, performance, and yield. Designed for those seeking to integrate additive manufacturing into their factory-floor ecosystem, the SLS 380, along with its complementary software, material handling, and post-processing solutions, meets the demand for cost-effective batch production parts.
  2. Repeatable Parts, High Yield: The SLS 380 incorporates closed-loop process controls to achieve high levels of repeatability across multiple parts, builds, machines, and sites. Utilizing a new water-cooled laser and a custom-developed 3D Systems algorithm, the system manages, monitors, and controls thermal uniformity within the build chamber in real-time.
  3. Material Delivery and Flexibility: This solution enables the use of multiple materials on a single printer, allowing for quick material changes with minimal labor to enhance value and broaden the application offerings of the SLS printer. It is compatible with the SLS 380 and select legacy printers, offering versatility in material selection and printing capabilities.

Benefit from this industrial-scale, process controlled additive manufacturing solution for selective laser sintering, and leverage our bundle promotion!


The Special Bundle Includes:

  • SLS 380
    • SLS Single MQC System 
    • SLS 380 First Year Preventative Maintenance (PM)
    • LS 380 System Installation and Calibration
    • 3DSprint Software License
    • New SLS User Training at 3D Systems
    • DuraForm PAx Black, 7.5kg
    • Key Accessories and Peripherals
  • Figure 4 Standalone Printer System 
    • One Year Parts and Labor Warranty Figure 4 Standalone
    • Figure 4 Standalone Extended Service Plan

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    • Material Starter Kit and Material Parameter license not included


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  • SLS 380


    • High throughput workflow solution with closed-loop process controls for repeatability across parts, builds, machines, and sites
    • Production-grade nylon thermoplastics
    • Automated 3D part nesting, material handling, and post-processing solutions
    • Software: 3D Sprint