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Jewelry Manufacturing Solutions to Meet your Lost Wax Casting Workflow

  • wax bracelet, silver cast and gold cast

    100% wax patterns fit into your standard casting process

  • Enjoy Uncompromised Castability

    Variabilities in jewelry casting quality are caused by many factors, all of which can affect surface quality and accuracy. Our 3D wax printer for jewelry produces high-fidelity and smooth surface finish patterns that are fully compatible with standard casting processes. Guaranteed accurate and high-quality casting – 100% pattern burn out, no ash residue.
  • Experience Unmatched Productivity

    Meeting demand and quality standards requires fast design iteration and customization on the fly, as well as the capability to produce high-volume production batches. 3D printed jewelry patterns using 3D Systems solutions deliver cost-effective, high-quality results with quick turnaround and high throughput at factory scale.
  • a diamond ring that was casted using 3D printing technology

    “We used to have to turn down fun and crazy requests, which was really frustrating. Now it’s no problem. We never have to say no anymore. The ProJet wax 3D printer has given us the confidence and ability to do anything.”
    -- Alberto Chavez, Graphic Designer, Uptown Diamond

  • Unleash Design Freedom

    Our 3D printing solutions for jewelry casting accommodate the most complex 3D designs for ready-to-cast patterns. 3D Systems’ printers for lost wax casting jewelry process allow for fast part-in-hand, within hours. Dissolvable supports enable limitless geometries with no impact on the surface finish.
  • Ease-of-Use in an Industrial Solution

    Our plug-and-play additive manufacturing solutions for jewelry enable high-volume production without a corresponding increase in labor. Dissolvable and meltable supports result in excellent surface quality for reduced finishing labor and polishing of costly precious metals.
  • A screenshot of 3D Sprint Software creating a jewelry part
  • The Most Complete Solution

    Streamline your file-to-pattern workflow with the advanced 3D Sprint® software capabilities, fast and versatile MJP print speeds, and batch support removal to deliver high-quality, ready-to-cast patterns. To maximize the productivity of your 3D Systems Printer, 3D Connect™ Service provides a secure cloud-based connection to 3D Systems’ service teams for proactive and preventative support to enable better service, improve uptime and deliver production assurance for your system.

Customer Stories
Narsakka OY achieves new level of productivity in jewelry casting pattern production using 3D Systems’ wax 3D printing solution for jewelry ...
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3D printing enables very rapid mass customization of personalized wedding rings at Vowsmith driving fulfillment towards 72 hours after orders are received...
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We Can Take on so Many More Unique and Deeply Personal Projects Now That We Have the ProJet MJP Wax Printer Working for Us.

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"The ProJet MJP Series is the keystone of our manufacturing process. First, it’s a real wax printer. This means that there is no possibility of casting faults due to ashes or a cracked shell due to thermal expansion."
—Charles-Olivier Roy, Founder, Vowsmith

Jewelry Casting Image Gallery

  • VisiJet Wax Jewel Red (MJP) bracelet with stones
  • A ring made from VisiJet Wax Jewel Red material
  • VisiJet Wax Jewel Red Fusion Ring
  • green casted wax patterns on a wax tree
  • green wax ring cast and the same ring in silver
  • purple pendant casting
  • purple ring cast and silver ring cast; same pattern
  • purple bracelet cuff wax cast and identical silver casting
  • pendant: in purple wax, silver cast, gold cast and polished and finished piece set with diamonds
  • visijet m2 purple pendant cast
  • VisiJet Jewel Ruby Ring casting


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