Precision part manufacturing system at an attractive price point, produces finest detail, best surface quality parts.

The ProX DMP 200 is a high-performance, high-quality 3D printing alternative to traditional manufacturing processes, offering reduced waste, greater speeds for production, short set-up times, very dense metal parts, and the ability to produce very complex assemblies as a single part.

This entry-level Direct Metal 3D Printer (DMP) uses a broad choice of materials. Manufacture small, complex metal parts in a build volume of 140 x 140 x 115 mm (5.51 x 5.51 x 4.54 in) along with semi-automated material loading and an optional external recycling station.
ProX DMP 200 angle printer image
ProX DMP 200 front printer image
ProX DMP 200 angle printer image
ProX DMP 200 front printer image

About this printer

  • Small, precision parts
  • Research and development
  • Simplified assemblies/reduced number of parts
  • Reduced weight/lightweight design
  • Enhanced fluid flow
  • Conformal cooling
  • Integrated solution (for printers, materials, software and application support)
  • Consistently high accuracy parts even on first-time builds
  • Exceptional surface finish and resolution
  • Minimal waste of materials
  • High precision parts with the finest details
  • Ease of use ‒ intuitive workflow
Tech Specs
  • Uses Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology
  • Build volume (W x D x H): 140 x 140 x 115 mm(5.51 x 5.51 x 4.54 in) – height inclusive of build plate
  • Very dense, non-porous parts
  • Typical accuracy is +/-50 μm (+/-0.002 in) on small parts, +/-0.2% on large parts
  • Repeatability of approximately 20 μm (0.0008 inches)
  • The surface finish quality of up to 5 Ra μm (200 Ra micro-inches)
  • 3DXpert All-in-one Metal AM software for fast and easy part preparation, localized print strategies and build simulation
  • Materials with pre-developed parameters
  • Materials for your needs

    Our extensive and versatile portfolio of 3D printing materials addresses the widest range of applications and performance characteristics in additive manufacturing. Explore all of your options for this system today.

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