What If You Could:

  • Significantly accelerate manufacturing timelines

    Significantly accelerate manufacturing timelines

  • Manufacture parts without needing your own production line

    Manufacture parts without needing your own production line

  • Drive productivity and efficiency with 3D printed end-use parts

    Drive productivity and efficiency with 3D printed end-use parts

How Our Customers Did It:

GibbsCAM Hole Manager facilitates speedy programming of hole-making operations, and a 4-axis machine tool is necessary for single set-up machining

Solar Energy


Win a competitive contract to manufacture the headers and parts required by a solar power plant project


GibbsCAM CNC software delivers rapid Cut Part Rendering, which visualizes toolpath, material removal and material condition as tools execute operations


After winning the bid, the customer is now confident they can successfully meet any NC programming or machining challenge.

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The Arkyd satellites are small, compact and very light, helped by SLA 3D printed casting patterns

Planetary Resources


Low-cost robotic space exploration requires significantly optimized complex parts and assemblies to create lighter-weight, more fuel-efficient space travel


Massive time savings from being able to go from CAD to pattern in a single day. Faster design iterations by eliminating tooling and access to any type of alloy for lighter-weight parts

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SLS 3D printing delivers required weight reductions as well as simplified assembly at 3D Systems On Demand manufacturing services

T-Hawk UAV


Achieve unprecedented weight-to-strength ratios in unmanned aerial vehicles through advanced manufacturing technologies.


Rapid SLS 3D printing, lightweight printer materials, post processing and assembly provided through 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing services.


Efficiently met the stringent weight requirements but also significantly reduced complexity by creating single-build assemblies within the UAV.

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