Evaluating AM Production Grade Resins for Figure 4

With recent process advancements, additive manufacturing enables access to parts with production-ready quality, speed, and cost. The only thing left to master is achieving production-grade material properties. With our Figure 4 production-grade resins, the wait is over. Now it is possible to go from prototyping straight to production on the same system for a seamless and efficient workflow. Before you get started, it’s important to identify if the material is right for you.

Marty Johnson, Technical Fellow, 3D Systems

Marty Johnson

Technical Fellow, Print Process

Specialties:Figure 4, Materials, Mechanical Engineering & System Engineering, Print Process, Additive Manufacturing, Product Development

During my career, I have been a customer of additive manufacturing as well as an innovator of additive manufacturing solutions. Combining my injection mold experience and mechanical background with this experience, I have been part of a core team of industry leading materials and applications engineers to develop some amazing additive manufacturing materials and solutions.