• Benefit From Unique Features

    Unique algorithm in DMP Inspection
    Elaborate algorithms, 
    proprietary and exclusive
    for DMP technology


    DMP Inspection with fast analysis of 100% of parts      Fast analysis for
          100% inspection


    DMP Inspection analysis is scalable to any size 
              Analysis is scalable
               to any size 



            3D visualization in 3DXpert
            Advanced 3D visualization
            of defects



    Root cause analysis icon_DMP Inspection 
           Detailed root cause analysis
           in 3DXpert



    3DXpert all in one including analysis with DMP Inspection   
         All features for entire metal AM
         workflow in one single
         3DXpert software


  • Shorten Validation Time


    Incidents of lack of fusion and warpage


    Complete root cause analysis with 3D visualization of areas of interest over the digital model and printing  parameters


    Easily take corrective action 


  • INDUSTRY FIRST: Proven Correlation with CT Scan Results

    Our team of material and process scientists and engineers developed algorithms that show a high level of correlation with the results from CT Scans, allowing an automated, post-build detection of incidents. In a study a 100% correlation of DMP Inspection analysis results with lack of fusion (LoF) found in CT scan data for defects > 200 μm was verified for a representative test variety of parts in LaserForm Ti Gr23 (A) and Maraging Steel (A) printed on DMP 320 metal 3D printer.

  • DMP Inspection correlation lack of fusion incidents with CT results
  • Automated Algorithms Detect Defects and Areas of Interest

    Benefit from the AM manufacturing expertise of our engineers with automated algorithms that detect:

    + lack of fusion (avaialble in beta release)

    + warpage (available in beta release)

    + down-facing surface roughness 

    + recoating quality

  • Lack of fusion detection in DMP Inspection, overlayed with CT scan results
  • Reduce Costly Secondary Inspection

  • DMP Inspection early in Metal AM workflow speeds up part validation and saves secondary inspection costs
  • DMP Inspection right after your print process lets you benefit from:

    +  Cost optimization
    +  Reduction in design iterations
    +  100% inspection of printed parts
    +  No secondary post-processing for defective parts
    +  Waste reduction
    +  Maximization of equipment usage

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