• Applications

    • Airflow analysis for aerodynamic design optimization 
    • Airflow testing using PIV wind tunnel environment
    • Pressure tapping in the wind tunnel
    • Electrically insulating enclosures 
    • Jigs, fixtures, and tooling 
    • Heat-resistant applications 
    • Abrasion-resistant structures 
  • Benefits

    • Higher resolution PIV data lead to better-informed decisions
    • Better contrast of its unique color reduces post-processing steps and shortens preparation time
    • Faster aerodynamic design iteration
    • High print speed, productivity, and efficiency
    • Improved wind tunnel economics 
  • Features

    • High contrast, reflection mitigating color
    • Extremely strong, 72 MPa tensile strength (ISO method)
    • High stiffness parts, 10200 MPa flex modulus, 9500 MPa tensile modulus (ISO method)
    • 100˚C heat deflection temperature after thermal curing
    • Excellent accuracy

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