Types of Plastic 3D Printing

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3D Printing Applications for Plastics

  • Prototyping

    Solutions that streamline workflow to accelerate digital design, create appearance models and build functional prototypes.

  • Production

    Additive manufacturing at scale for plastic parts is now a reality, with the productivity, durability, repeatability, and lower total cost of operation manufacturers require.

  • Investment Casting

    Accelerate the delivery of high-quality metal products and casting patterns with 3D printed wax and SLA casting patterns.

  • Jigs and Fixtures

    Produce accurate jigs and fixtures with 3D printing to provide a fast and cost-effective way to advance your manufacturing process.

  • Our Software Delivers Results

    Software is the key to transforming data from 3D scans, illuminating designs, and inspecting part quality, and is used every day to enable manufacturing for traditional and 3D-based manufacturing processes. Explore our end-to-end software portfolio today.

“Many components that we manufacture in-house have geometrical complexities that only 3D printing can provide. What we’re able to accomplish through the breadth of solutions offered by 3D Systems’ printers is second to none…”
— David Dicker, founder, Rodin Cars
  • On Demand Printing and Digital Manufacturing

    We provide professional-grade online 3D printing and manufacturing services that empower designers and engineers with the tools to design, iterate, and produce quality parts directly from digital 3D files.

Explore Real-World Examples of Applications

  • 3D printed dental part is cured in the UV light box

    Hybrid Technologies Grows Business with Full-Arch Palatal Jigs 3D Prints

    Small dental laboratory now offers full-arch shell temps with palatal jig enabled by 3D Systems’ NextDent 5100 3D printer.

  • Figure 4 parts on platform at Rapid Application Group

    Rapid Application Group Doubles Capacity with Figure 4 Standalone

    Veteran-owned full production additive manufacturing service bureau grows business and reputation with high quality DLP parts.

  • 3, 3D printed plastic bottles filled with red, orange and yellow liquid

    Birdstone Delivers Schweppes Redesign with 3D Systems’ Expert Prototyping Services

    Packaging agency selects 3D Systems’ On Demand Manufacturing team for the delivery of true-to-life prototypes for glass and PET bottles.

  • Fully finished and hand painted SLS printed dragons completed by 3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing

    Great Pagoda, Kew, Returns to 18th Century Glory with Help from 3D Systems

    3D Systems On Demand Manufacturing experts help restore UNESCO World Heritage Site with scan-to-CAD workflow and SLS printing.

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