• UV Resistant - Flexible - 100% Renewable Source - Low Water Uptake

    PA11 is a Polyamide 11 based material made from 100 % bio-based substances which are used primarily in industrial applications. The material is a sustainable thermoplastic polymer that produces strong UV-stable prints, well suited for technical end-products. PA11 has superior mechanical performance compared to polymers such as Polyamide 12 widely used in rapid prototyping. It also meets the USP Class VI requirements for medical applications.

  • PA11 Black

  • Applications

    • Functional prototypes
    • Functional parts
    • Housings
    • Mounts
    • Gears
    • Small complex parts
  • Benefits

    • Superior mechanical properties
    • Low risk of sink marks
    • Low water uptake
    • Flexible
    • High strength
    • Salt water resistant
  • Technical Specifications

    • Density of finished parts: 1.05 g/cm3
    • Density for powder: 0.65  g/cm3
    • Melting point: 200°C
    • Tensile Strength: 51 Mpa
    • Elongation at break: 51%
    • Tensile modulus: 1700 MPa
    • Flexural modulus: 1200 MPa
    • Hardness: 80 Shore D

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