• Applications

    • Fine mesh and filigree design jewelry castings
    • Stone-in-place castings
    • Traditional jewelry designs
  • Benefits

    • For use with standard lost wax casting techniques
    • Clean burnout with no ash content
    • More robust 3D printed patterns resist breaking through normal handling
    • Allows for fine featured designs with filigree or mesh patterns


  • Features

    • 100% Wax
    • Increased flexibility over traditional casting waxes
    • Increased pattern durability
    • High contrast red color for visibility

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Technical Specifications

  • Key Mechanical Properties

    • Melting point: 62-63°C
    • Softening point: 43-47°C
    • Volumetric shrinkage: 1.7% (from 40°C to 23°C)
    • Linear shrinkage: 0.58% (from 40°C to 23°C)
    • Needle penetration hardness: 14 (ASTM D1321)
    • Ash content: 0.00% (ASTM D5630-13A)
  • A plate of wax jewelry 3D prints made from VisiJet Wax Jewel Red material

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