• Applications

    • Medium to large size patterns without tooling
    • One-off investment castings
    • Low production runs investment castings
    • Any casting materials
  • Benefits

    • Accurate QuickCast patterns
    • Clean burnout with ultra-low ash content (<0.010%)
    • Patterns dimensional stability
    • Fast and effective pattern draining
    • Designed to eliminate bubble formation
  • Features

    • Antimony-free material
    • Ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion
    • Excellent humidity/moisture resistance
    • Low viscosity material
    • Transparent material

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Technical Specifications

  • Key Mechanical Properties

    • Viscosity @ 30°C: 117 cps
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion (-40-0°C): 62 µm/m-°C
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion (90-140°C): 166 µm/m-°C
    • Water Absorption at Saturation: 0.38%
    • Ash content (TGA): <0.010%
    • Antimony content (ICP): <0.1 ppm

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