• Applications

    • High definition master patterns for making silicone or RTV molds especially for high volume, mass production of jewelry designs
    • Jewelry design and functional prototyping
    • Snap-fit and stone-in-place testing
    • Client fit/try-on models
  • Benefits

    • Compatible with a range of silicones
    • No silicone inhibition
    • High visualization
    • Safe for extended try-on testing and user fittings
    • Jewelry-specific build styles
    • MicroPointTM support tips minimizing support-to-part interaction and support scarring
  • Features

    • High heat deflection temperature
    • Exceptional surface finish and fine details definition
    • Fast speed:
      • Prototyping speed – 45 mm/hr @ 50µm Z resolution
      • Master pattern speed – 15 mm/hr @ 30µm Z resolution
    • High contrast gray color
    • Passes biocompatibility standard ISO 10933-5 for cytotoxicity

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Technical Specifications

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