Figure 4® TOUGH-GRY 10 is capable of print speeds up to 100 mm/hour in a strong production plastic. With 25% elongation at break, it has the durability required for a broad range of applications. This dark gray plastic material is extremely stable, including under high humidity conditions.


  • Rapid design iteration
  • Strong functional parts for:
    • Automotive styling parts
    • Form, fit and function testing
    • Durable assemblies and snap fits
    • Bezels, covers, cases
    • Master patterns for RTV molding or other uses
  • Short-run manufacturing of rigid parts
  • Consumer goods
  • Ready for painting or plating
  • What Can You 3D Print with Plastics?

    3D printing with plastics offers many choices for engineering grade materials, elastomers and composites. Do you need flexibility? Strength? Bio-compatibility? More?

  • Advantages of Plastic 3D Printing

    3D print with plastics to build almost anything - used for prototyping, manufacturing, anatomical models and more. Select a plastic material and 3D technology to deliver the characteristics you need.

Printers compatible with this material: