Key Additive Manufacturing Applications for EV Manufacturing

  • Luxury Car Interior
  • Body Interior/Dashboard Components

    Intricate designs are where 3D printing a perfect fit to produce the curves and graduated angles used on vehicle dashboards and interior parts. Advanced SLA materials withstand temperature variations experienced inside of the vehicle while maintaining mechanical and aesthetic properties.

  • EV Battery
  • Battery Housings and Electronic Board Enclosures

    Advancements in materials allow for higher heat deflection and flame retardancy which makes 3D Printing an ideal solution for battery housings and electrodes. Complex designs can be redesigned to fit constrained spaces and the high impact strength of new materials can withstand vibrations and forces that affect vehicles

  • dmp laserform 316L-B lamellar heat exchanger cut CAD
  • Heat Exchangers and Thermal Management

    3D printing is emerging as a preferred method for producing heat exchangers and optimizing conformal cooling. Cooling channels are challenging to create by traditional methods because they often vary in depth and width — and they curl across the surface of the part. Constraints around challenging geometries such as diamond, elliptical or teardrop shapes can be easily overcome with additive manufacturing.

  • Connectors and Wiring Management

    EV vehicles include almost twice as many connectors as ICE vehicles, which makes 3D printing even more attractive for its ability to support optimal connector functionality. This is especially true for custom designs and wire harness management components like retention items, customized splitters and special conduit fittings.

  • automotive-powertrain-chassis-electric-hybrid-car-web
  • Metal Structural Components

    3D printing is being rapidly adopted for manufacturing metal structural components because it allows engineers to design and test high-performance, lightweight structural systems in shorter timeframes, reducing inertia while increasing overall strength when optimizing metal structural components for electric vehicles.

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  • Underhood powertrain webinar landing page

    Optimize Flexible Component Retention Earlier

    The complex inner workings of modern vehicles require various electrical, energy, and fluid transfers throughout the chassis, body, and interior which involves routing through limited packaging spaces and challenging operational environments. 

    Download the application brief to learn: 

    • The benefits of using additive manufacturing for component retention 
    • Expert design for additive manufacturing tips to achieve optimized part performance  
    • Critical success factors when bringing on additive manufacturing 

  • automotive-webinar-series-body-interior-landing-page

    Deliver Design Intent Interior Experience Earlier

    Find out how AM can accelerate interior vehicle design, testing and validation, ultimately reducing costs. Explore how 3D printing can now produce Class A surfaces with perfect grain match. 

  • EV advancements

    Roundtable: Advancements in the Design and Manufacturing of EVs

    Panelists will offer exclusive insights and discuss:

    • The state of EV/AV markets
    • Aerospace updates on urban transport and drones
    • Growth opportunities in eMobility
    • Balancing production of powertrain parts with eMobility components

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NoSupports enables metal powder-bed printing without support structures.

Powered by 3DXpert software, NoSupports expands the design envelope, accelerates design cycles, and unlocks new applications. 

A cross section of a 3D printed part being printed with NoSupports

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  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.