DMP Monitoring process software for metal additive

Real-time process monitoring for making informed decisions on metal additive build quality

  • DMP Monitoring is a toolset for DMP Flex 350, DMP Factory 350 and ProX DMP 320 metal printers that allows customers to see, analyze, understand and fine-tune their DMP process beyond levels ever possible before. This enables customers to achieve higher quality output through better DMLS process quality monitoring and assurance. The efficient and intuitive DMP Monitoring Software User Interface is developed based on the experience of printing 500,000 metal parts year-over-year in our metal printing facilities in Leuven, Belgium and Denver, USA.

Automate the data analysis with DMP Inspection

Wealth of process data for non-destructive analysis and understanding of metal 3d printing build quality, accelerated process parameter optimization and enhanced understanding of process results.

Real time build analysis

The DMP Monitoring toolset for enhanced quality control includes real time process monitoring, synchronized images of the melt pool and powder bed, synchronized images of real time and archived jobs for comparison and a toolset for analyzing the magnitude of a subject area. DMP Monitoring enables the user to fully understand and control the process allowing the user to take corrective action to minimize the inherent side effects of all metal 3D printing technologies such as spatter and lump formation to significantly improve part quality.
Delivering metal additive process data for understanbding metal print build quality
In-build real-time data collection and visualization with DMP Monitoring
Post-build process analysis with DMP Monitoring
Delivering metal additive process data for understanbding metal print build quality
In-build real-time data collection and visualization with DMP Monitoring
Post-build process analysis with DMP Monitoring



In-build real-time data collection and visualization:

  • Visually (manually) detect, analyze and minimize 3D metal printing inherent process effects such as: lumps, spatters, flow quality, porosities, feed quality, etc.
  • Control and ensure that the process is running smoothly, monitoring consumables and maintenance items such as the coater and materials
  • Remote monitoring capable for combined control from centralized space, e.g. using live camera and remote machine access (remote machine access requires standard 3rd party software)

Post-build process analysis:

  • Analyzing DMP Vision and DMP Meltpool images synchronized side by side allows to monitor build quality on a macro level to e.g. ensure powder deposition quality
  • The post-build analysis of DMP Meltpool images enables the user to further improve build quality by monitoring e.g. porosity on a micro level

Build parameter optimization:

  • Use previous data as learning point
  • Further improve print quality and optimize print process by comparing several jobs to define optimum process parameters
  • Automatic data recording
  • Fully configurable (User Interface)
  • Real-time job analysis, and offline functionality
  • Synchronized side by side comparison of DMP Meltpool and Vision data, comparison with previous print jobs (meltpool-to-meltpool, vision-to-vision, meltpool-to-vision)
  • Synchronized zooming and panning through all jobs opened on screen
  • Integrated live camera
  • Video generation: sequential layers to video frames
  • Coordinates and scale display on screen matching with build plate
  • Measurement tool: line and surface
  • Automatic backup tool (to server or external data storage)

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