Reveal your Creativity with Accurate, Fine Detail, High Fidelity 3D Printed Jewelry Models for Fast Design Iteration, Validation, Stone Settings and Fittings
20+ Years
of jewelry experience
45 mm/hr
build speed
30–50 µm
layer thickness

Jewelry Prototyping Solutions for All Your Design Needs

  • many wax molded rings with diamonds set in, tip of caliper holding a diamond, scattered diamonds
  • Produce Detailed Prototypes

    Creating innovative jewelry requires the ability to iterate quickly and get customer feedback on design and fit. We’ve developed 3D printing solutions that allow jewelry designers and manufacturers to create detailed, accurate, high-fidelity representations of their digital creations for design validation. Our innovative, high-contrast materials are developed to facilitate fine detail visualization, including for customer fittings, as well as for stone settings, including micro-pavé.
  • jewelry mold making flexible solutions image

    30 prototypes in 39 minutes

  • Achieve Faster Turnaround

    Fast prototyping is essential in the jewelry business. Our jewelry 3D printing solutions produce prototypes in minutes using materials that are ready for painting and plating for model validation. Iterate quickly by printing multiple designs in a single build and reduce labor with easy support removal.
"Seeing the printer is always exciting for our customers. It’s an experience they get here that sets us apart from our competition, and it gets our customers involved. They really get to design their own jewelry and see the whole process. It’s exciting, fun and unique, from beginning to end."
—Kam Mack, Operations Manager, Uptown Diamond

Jewelry Prototyping Image Gallery

  • figure 4 jewel master grey 3d printed ring
  • figure 4 jewel master grey diamond studded ring settings
  • figure 4 jewel master gry jewelry 3d print
  • figure 4 jewel master gry jewelry pieces on a print tray
  • figure 4 jewel master gry jewelry pendant and stones placement on a green velvet background
  • figure 4 jewel master gry diamond fusion design ring


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