Accelerate High-Volume Jewelry Manufacturing with High-Performance 3D Printing Materials to Produce Master Patterns for Rubber Molding
heat-resistant master patterns
15 mm/hr
build speed
30 µm
layer thickness

Accelerate Your Jewelry Casting Molds Workflow with 3D Systems’ Advanced 3D Printing Solutions

  • figure 4 jewel master gray pendant on black background
  • Expect Exceptional Material Performance

    Use heat-resistant plastic materials for your master patterns that are compatible with a wide range of silicones and designed in collaboration with jewelry mold makers for RTV and HTV jewelry molding processes. ● High HDT >300˚ C at 0.455 MPa allows multiple types of silicones and vulcanization temperatures ● Most silicones are compatible without inhibition ● High material rigidity prevents pattern distortion
  • a person holding a 3D printed jewelry part
  • Access More Complex Design Options

    Digital solutions developed for compatibility with existing jewelry mold-making processes help you push the limits of design creativity. Our 3D printing solutions use jewelry-specific build styles for various design needs, with a focus on accuracy, smooth surfaces, and fine features.

  • jewelry master pattern of pendant
  • Enhance Quality

    Produce superior quality master patterns with best-in-class surface finish and ultra-high detail resolution with our proprietary build style and materials developed specifically for the jewelry industry. Our solutions cover a wide range of design styles, including thin, delicate geometries, fine mesh, and more. Easy to remove supports limit contacts for a smooth surface finish.
  • full platform of jewelry master patterns

    30 master patterns in 2h 2min

  • Implement Faster, More Flexible Solutions

    Go from design to final rubber mold in hours with 3D-printed jewelry master patterns. Use the same printer and material for molding and prototyping applications, and easily switch material types for direct jewelry casting.

Mold Making Image Gallery

  • gray casting of middle eastern pendant in a box
  • gray casting of jewelry pendant
  • 3D printed Mold Making parts for jewelry
  • figure 4 jewel master grey 3d print pendant on black background
  • blue wax pendant in a yellow rubber mold
  • figure 4 master grey 3d printed ring on blue-green ombre background
  • blue wax pendant with rounded triangular bezel in yellow rubber mold
  • figure 4 jewel master grey 3d printed square pendant
  • jewelry master pattern of pendant


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