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  • Features

    • High throughput with jetting technology  
    • High break resistance  
    • Superior durability
    • Accurate and repeatable printing results
    • Flexibility for full and partial dentures  
    • Easy post processing with wax support
    • Competitive cost per denture
  • Material Benefits

    Our unique materials enable production of durable denture with high break resistance superior to other available solutions:

    NextDent® Jet Denture Teeth  

    • Uniquely formulated to mimic tooth rigidity and aesthetics
    • Material colors matching the most popular VITA tooth shades

    NextDent® Jet Denture Base

    • Absorb impact resulting in high break resistance
“As a long-time 3D Systems customer, Glidewell continues to be impressed by the company’s leadership in digital dentistry. The capabilities presented by the new jetted denture solution are unmatched in the industry."
—Stephenie Goddard, CEP, Glidewell

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