3D Systems Software, Services and 3D Printed Healthcare Solutions

3D Systems is dedicated to assisting the pioneering of healthcare solutions to advance treatments and enhance quality of life by democratizing advanced 3D technologies.

3D Systems’ Personalized Surgery and Medical Devices Division is driving medical treatment and research forward with its custom medical device offerings including precise dental and anatomical models, custom surgical guides, implantable devices, exoskeletons, hearing aids, prosthetics, and braces for scoliosis and other applications.

Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP®), a service offered by 3D Systems - Medical Modeling, is quickly becoming a standard of care for orthognathic and reconstructive maxillofacical surgeries. In addition, 3D Systems - Medical Modeling can provide surgeons with accurate planning models created from CT/CBCT scans for use in planning some of the most complex surgeries performed today.

Professionals in healthcare are invited to work with 3D Systems to push forward their own research, utilizing our cloud-based Bespoke Modeling service.

Our Geomagic scanning and design software is used widely by medical practitioners, medical device OEM’s and researchers to design custom implants. With the use of haptic devices, medical practitioners are able to work in a virtual 3D environment with full tactile feedback.

Our dental 3D printers are helping to advance the growing field of digital dentistry by providing finished dental prosthetics in metal, along with outstanding, smooth-surface wax-ups that can be conventionally cast or pressed.

Our 3D print engines enable the creation of accurate custom surgical guides and braces, as well as replica bone models for surgical practice. Our available materials are expanding too, and some of our VisiJet materials are now USP Class VI tested for medical applications.