• D2P Bolus Screenshot
  • Optimize radiotherapy targeting with VSP® Bolus

    Our VSP Bolus solution spans the complete design-to-delivery workflow to make bolus personalization easy. We have eliminated the need for providers to develop design expertise or software knowledge to offer these customized accessories. The radiotherapy provider simply submits a patient’s CT images (DICOM file) and treatment site identification to kickstart our FDA-cleared workflow. 3D Systems: 

    • Segments the imaging data using D2P® software to design a bolus to your specifications for your patient 
    • Uses professional-grade additive manufacturing processes from our certified medical device manufacturing facilities to produce a high-quality bolus
    • Quickly delivers a flexible, reusable bolus that conforms to your patient and provides them with a more comfortable experience

Achieve Personalization without the Hassle

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Consult with one of our experts to find out how easy we’ve made it for radiotherapy providers to deliver personalized outcomes.