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  • VSP® Surgical Planning Solutions

    3D Systems’ VSP surgical planning solutions combine best-in-class digital workflows with the industry’s broadest additive manufacturing portfolio of printers and materials to deliver comprehensive patient-matched solutions. With over 10 years of experience in virtual surgical planning, 3D Systems has supported over 140,000 patient-specific cases for the craniomaxillofacial and orthopaedic specialties. This customer-centric approach has allowed us to work with surgeons and patients across the globe.
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  • Instrumentation & Implants

    As a leading provider of personalized healthcare solutions, 3D Systems partners with medical device manufacturers to offer its VSP surgical planning solutions to support orthopaedic oncology cases as well as foot and ankle procedures. With the patient top of mind, we develop patient-matched solutions to pair with off-the-shelf implants to help reduce procedure time and improve outcomes.
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  • Anatomic Models

    3D Systems helped establish this industry segment nearly 30 years ago. Our experience, along with advanced printers and software, enables us to rapidly produce patient-specific anatomic models that help surgeons visualize and plan surgeries prior to entering the operating room.

Software Solutions

3D Systems developed D2P software specifically for use in the VSP surgical planning solutions workflow. As user of our own software solutions, the healthcare team provided invaluable input in the development of this software making it best-in-class. Additionally, Geomagic Freefom is a critical tool in the VSP workflow, enabling the accurate design of surgical instruments for use in the operating room. 

  • Dicom to Print D2P Software

    D2P Advanced Visualization Software

    FDA 510(k) cleared D2P® software and 3D Systems printers allow surgeons, radiologists, lab technicians, and device designers to create diagnostic-quality digital 3D models and physical 3D prints easily and quickly. Minimizing the need for technical expertise, D2P eases the adoption of 3D printing technologies by the healthcare community.
  • Geomagic Freeform Software

    Geomagic Freeform

    Geomagic® Freeform®—the industry’s most comprehensive, organic, hybrid design software on the market—enables you to solve complex, precision design and manufacturing challenges and easily address challenging tasks within existing scan-to-print or CAD-to manufacturing workflows.

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