Craniomaxillofacial Surgical Planning

FDA clears first 3D-printed PEEK cranial implant

Discover the VSP® PEEK Cranial Implant. This patient-specific solution offers a precise fit and reliable performance for cranioplasty procedures to restore defects in the skull.

Craniomaxillofacial Applications

  • VSP Guide Options

    3D Systems is always innovating its products and services to address the needs of surgeons performing maxillofacial and reconstructive surgeries. 3D Systems’ surgical guide options offer unprecedented flexibility in design and are capable of having lower profile designs to enhance visibility and access in the surgical site, while also possessing improved strength and rigidity.

  • LeFort - Exploded View

    Hybrid Guides

    Multi-material benefits: Low profile, easy guide placement, and more

    The latest enhancement to the surgical planning solutions portfolio, VSP Hybrid Guides provide you with occlusal registration from a nylon guide for accurate placement plus the increased strength and rigidity1 of a titanium cutting and drilling guide. These guides are assembled with easy-to-use connection sites that are engineered to confirm a proper connection. Depending on your preference, patient-specific instruments can be designed that allow multiple cutting and drilling locations on a single occlusal-based guide.


  • a CMF model

    Titanium Guides

    Material made 20x stronger1; enables customization, increased visualization, lower profile

    With titanium, you can experience increased strength over our traditional guides, allowing cutting and drilling directly through the guides. Maximize functionality of the guides by altering cut slots to match your surgical blade. Choose the height of your drill guide and cutting slots to control trajectory or reduce guide profile height. With slimmer profiles, the guides can provide easier placement in areas with limited exposure plus increased visibility with the new cellular structure.

  • 3D printed nylon guides for VSP CMF

    Nylon Guides

    Material made 88% tougher1, customized by you, for you.

    Nylon guides can better withstand mechanical forces, providing an improved performance. Select occlusal or bone-borne guides to fit your surgical needs. Further customize the guides with optional features such as nasal floor registration. Slimmer profile guides can provide easier placement in areas with limited exposure. Improve your visibility of the surgical site with lower profiles and a new cellular structure design which can help you better see anatomy. 

  • 3D Printed VSP CMF SLA fibula guide


    Proven since the start, the original guide.

    Used in thousands of cases, our traditional guide helped create the personalized medicine approach. Designed from the VSP session, these surgical guides are the physical output of the pre-planned surgery. They can assist you with patient-specific marking, positioning, and osteotomy decisions in the OR. 

  • References:

    1: Data compared to 3D Systems’ Traditional cutting and marking guides. Proprietary mechanical validation testing data on file at 3D Systems. 

VSP End-to-End Workflow in Action

Integrating precision healthcare with 3D technologies for better surgical outcomes

  • an icon representing a skull


    Process patient-specific medical data into a digital 3D model

  • an icon representing simulation of a skull


    Schedule online surgical planning meeting between surgeon and 3D Systems biomedical engineer

  • an icon representing a scanned design


    Create patient-specific 3D models, guides and templates

  • an icon representing manufacturing


    3D print models and guides to smoothly transition surgical plan into operating room

  • an icon representing a microscope and inspection


    Put models through 3D Systems’ intensive quality control system

  • an icon representing delivery with two hands shaking


    Transfer virtual plan to the operating room with patient-specific models and guides

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    Uploading your files to begin a case is an easy 2 step process. Step 1, upload medical imaging data by clicking on the link below. Step 2, download and complete the order form and email it to [email protected]. Having trouble? Contact our support team via email [email protected] or call our offices for assistance +1 720 643 1001. 

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