The Figure 4 platform will transform production of mass customized and complex end use parts while meeting durability and repeatability requirements of production environments.

Scalable, Modular and Automated

The platform allows customers to tailor configurations and select materials to address specific applications. Configurations range from single-print engine machines to fully automated, high-volume production systems with 16 or more print engines, automated material delivery and integrated post-processing.

  • Figure 4 Configuration A
  • Figure 4 Configuration B

Disruptive Total Cost of Operations Improvements

Illustrative Example – Figure 4 vs. Traditional SLA
Figure 4 Production Configuration with 16 Print Engines Improvement
Printers Required 225 x Fewer
Annual Throughput Per Printer (prints) 225 x Higher
Facility Floor Space (sq ft) 26 x Lower
Printer Upkeep Labor 45 x Lower
Labor Cost 4 x Lower
Initial Investment 23 x Lower
TCO - 5 Years, Full Fleet 3.5 x Lower
Part (1 million units per year) Improvement
Cost Per Part (in dollars) 71% Lower
Average Print Time Per Part (in hours) 14.1 x Faster
Material Waste (in grams) 1.5 x Lower

Figures in table are estimates based on the results of 3D Systems tests conducted in a laboratory setting.
*Fewer printers with better throughput result in lower investment and higher material utilization.
*Cost per Figure 4 produced parts approximately 30% of traditional SLA.

  • NextDent Crown and Bridge Material
  • Digital Dentistry

    The Figure 4 technology and 3D Systems NextDent biocompatible materials come together as a next-generation additive manufacturing platform for digital dentistry that delivers better, faster and more predictable patient treatments with disruptive total cost of operations.

  • Figure 4 Digital Dentistry
  • Total Cost of Operations Improvement

    The new platform is able to achieve improvements of up to 10 times in total cost of operations, along with significantly reduced fabrication times and far less material waste compared to conventional production of a range of indications.

  • Figure 4 Digital Dentistry Modular
  • Modular

    This modular printer platform enables smaller labs to cost-effectively produce thousands of crowns or other dental products per year, while providing fully automated solutions for larger labs producing more than 1 million crowns or other dental indications per year.

NextDent Materials

The Figure 4 platform leverages 3D Systems’ acquisition of NextDent’s portfolio of 12 clinically effective materials with regulatory approvals in over 70 countries for a range of indications, from crown and bridge, to surgical guides, orthodontic splints and dentures.

  • NextDent Base

    NextDent Base

  • NextDent SG

    NextDent SG

  • NextDent C&B

    NextDent C&B

  • NextDent C&B MFH

    NextDent C&B MFH

  • NextDent Ortho Clear

    NextDent Ortho Clear

  • NextDent Ortho IBT

    NextDent Ortho IBT

  • NextDent Ortho Rigid

    NextDent Ortho Rigid

  • NextDent Model

    NextDent Model

  • NextDent Model Ortho

    NextDent Model Ortho

  • NextDent Tray

    NextDent Tray

  • NextDent Gingivitis Mask

    NextDent Gingivitis Mask

  • NextDent Cast

    NextDent Cast

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