Reduce cost and time by 50% for reusable patterns of any complexity and size.
Up to 50%
cost reduction over conventional patterns
faster pattern production
(1270x1270x1828mm) single-piece patterns
Large format 3D printing has helped us speed up the manufacturing process of our products, due to the confidence we have for the EXT Titan printers to work 24/7 without the need for special care during printing.
—Alonso Alvarez, CEO PSSI, Mexico-based pattern shop

Solving Sand Casting Patterns and Cores Manufacturing Challenges with 3D Printing

  • Faster Time to Market

    To be competitive, foundries and pattern shops must meet demands for fast production of patterns and core boxes, while still delivering high quality parts and the ability to adjust designs quickly and cost-effectively. 3D Systems solutions enable lights out manufacturing processes that can print a pattern quickly with pellet extrusion 3D printing and then machine the surface during or after the printing process for smooth, accurate patterns and core boxes.

    Machine in-situ or post printing for smooth, accurate surface finish

  • Machine in-situ or post printing for smooth, accurate surface finish

  • Design Complexity and Flexibility

    The layer-by-layer build of 3D printed casting patterns means foundries can quickly and inexpensively deliver what were previously impossible or difficult to produce geometries. Additive technology enables the creation of hidden voids, internal struts and blind holes that are beyond the geometric limitations of 6-axis CNC tooling. Gating, runners, and sprues can also be included.

    Print fast with pellet extrusion on our EXT Titan 3D Printers

  • Machine in-situ or post printing for smooth, accurate surface finish

  • High Quality Castings

    Maintaining dimensional accuracy and ensuring pattern durability are key to sand casting success and metal part quality. Our additive manufacturing solutions for sand casting use durable and affordable materials proven to run for thousands of cycles with almost no visible wear.

  • Sand Casting Pattern
  • Reduced Costs

    Beyond minimizing waste with additive manufacturing efficiency compared to traditional subtractive methods, our 3D printing solutions use the most cost-effective, yet durable materials. Labor is further reduced with lights out manufacturing capabilities, the ability to produce single-piece large patterns that don't require assembly, and minimized finishing with sooth pattern surfaces, all contributing to reduced cost per part.

  • Grey, natural hybrid pellets on a neutral background

Your Partner for 3D Printed Sand Casting Patterns and Core Boxes

  • We Offer Complete Solutions

    • Powerful software for CAD design, reverse engineering, inspection and 3D printing
    • Multiple 3D printing technologies that can deliver from complex geometries with outstanding surface finish, up to very large parts with the highest material deposition speeds
    • Best-in-class materials, including a wide range of affordable, high performance pellets
    • Tailored hardware to meet your needs, including pellet extrusion and hybrid additive + subtractive systems
  • Small to Large Parts Capacity

    • Large build capacities, up to 1.82m in length
    • Ideal for large parts that would typically require extensive labor for assembly
    • Seamless workflows for parts that exceed build volume
  • Applications Consulting

    • Robust network of experts in the 3D Systems Application Innovation Group (AIG)
    • Leverage AIG's years of sand casting and additive manufacturing experience
    • Dedicated team provides hands-on training and consultation from ideation to implementation

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  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.