Increase your investment casting workflow efficiency for prototyping and production of metal components of any complexity and size with fast, economical, and highly accurate 3D printed patterns.
Up to 90%
cost reduction over conventional wax patterns
tooling elimination
fit into the investment casting process

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Addressing Investment Casting Patterns Manufacturing with 3D Printing

  • Rapid Order Fulfillment

    Meeting demand and quality standards requires fast design iteration, customization, updates, and adjustments on the fly, as well as the capability to deliver expected volume production batches. Foundries highly responsive to customer demand will get the new contracts. 3D Systems solutions deliver cost-effective, high-quality 3D printed patterns with quick turnaround and high throughput at factory scale.

  • Design Complexity and Flexibility

    The layer-by-layer build of 3D printed casting patterns means foundries can quickly and inexpensively deliver what were previously impossible or difficult to produce geometries. The combination of topology optimization, light weighting or assembly consolidation strategies with additive manufacturing of casting patterns means digital foundries can address the most challenging customer demand.

  • a person standing next to a 3D printed combustion casting
  • High Quality Castings

    Variabilities in investment casting quality are caused by many factors, all of which can affect surface quality and accuracy. Our 3D printing solutions for investment casting produce high-fidelity and smooth surface finish patterns that are fully compatible with your processes. These result in accurate and high-quality metal castings with complete, ash-free pattern burn out.

  • 3D printed combustion stage
  • Reduced Costs

    Beyond eliminating tooling need, costing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and requiring storage space, reduced labor enabled by downstream compatibility with automation, minimized waste with high material efficiency, end-to-end 3D printing solutions, and reduced finishing with smooth pattern surfaces contribute to reduced cost per part.

  • 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 IC 3D Sprint Bracket Build Image

Customer Stories

3D Printing Solutions for Your Investment Casting Workflow


  • Projet 2500 IC casting bracket

    Investment casting Solutions Brochure

    3D Systems’ tool-less digital manufacturing solutions have changed the landscape of investment casting with 3D printing of high quality wax and resin casting patterns in hours that allow high complexity metal part production at significantly lower costs.

  • The Benefits of Investment Casting with SLA

    Discover how stereolithography (SLA) investment casting patterns fit seamlessly into foundry workflows and are advancing casting applications in aerospace, automotive, and more. Companies like Vaupell are using Quickcast to dramatically reduce the time and cost of investment casting patterns.

  • Summary- QuickCast Diamond - New Internal Smart Support Structures

    Get an overview of how the 3D Systems master pattern solution with QuickCast Diamond build style produces master patterns that are up to 30% lighter and have even more consistent strength than previous QuickCast build styles. For even lighter patterns and improved economics.

  • ProJet MJP 2500 IC wax

    6 Reasons to Adopt 3D Printed Patterns in your Investment Casting Process

    With easy-to-use 3D printing technologies and materials from 3D Systems, investment casting patterns that drop seamlessly into existing metal casting processes deliver untold productivity benefits for foundries. Relying less on expensive tooling and more on rapid production of casting patterns to meet customer needs, it also enables more complex digital designs to be manufactured.

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    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.