Get 100% silicone parts-in-hands in less than 24 hours or production-grade elastomers in minutes, allowing rapid order fulfillment and faster time-to-market. Deliver end-use part performance, accuracy, and mechanical properties that enable prototypes to bridge production.
silicone prototypes within 24 hours
faster with direct 3D printing capability
Up to 97
Shore A 3D printing elastomers

Solving Soft Material Components Prototyping Challenges with 3D Printing

  • Get silicone seals and gaskets in 24 hours with digital eggshell molding
  • Rapid Design Iteration

    With 3D Systems’ solutions capable of 3D printing prototypes in less than 24 hours, OEMs can optimize their workflow to reduce the time between design iterations, enabling rapid order fulfillment and faster time-to-market. Digital eggshell molding allows you to get true silicone parts in as fast as 24 hours. For the fastest turnaround, biocompatible and chemical-resistant elastomeric components can be directly 3D printed in minutes.

  •  Production-grade materials with advanced performance, including elastomeric materials
  • End-Use Performance

    Accuracy, precision, and mechanical properties are critical factors for product validation and end-use components. Achieve production performance with both digital eggshell molding and direct 3D printing, as they offer pristine surface quality, texturing capability, detail fidelity, and exceptional accuracy. 

  • 3D printing materials used for digital eggshell molding are compatible with most standard silicones
  • Best-In-Class Material Properties

    To validate your design, digital eggshell molding is compatible with most standard silicones, both tin and platinum based. Our elastomeric materials for 3D printing have excellent tear-resistance for form and fit testing. Further, they are biocompatible and have chemical resistance to hydrocarbons and cleaning chemicals (tested for sealed and surface contact compatibility per ASTM D543 and USCAR2).

  • 3D printed elastomeric bumper plugs
  • Operational Productivity

    Our end-to-end additive manufacturing solutions are designed to deliver industry-leading quality, reliability, and productivity to keep your operation running efficiently for high-volume production of prototypes, bridge manufacturing, and mass customization. Maximized uptime, reduced labor enabled by downstream compatibility with automation, and minimized waste contribute to a lower cost per part and high manufacturing yield.

Customer Stories
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3D Printing Solutions that Accelerate Innovation

  • Complete Solutions Portfolio

    Our hardware, software, materials, post-processing, and manufacturing operating system (MOS) solutions offer unprecedented speed, quality, design flexibility, economics, and product reliability. We offer a user friendly, end-to-end 3D printing solution to create eggshell molds or to directly 3D print elastomeric components. The result is repeatable parts with exceptional surface finish, accuracy, fine detail, and resolution. 

  • Production-Grade Materials

    Our comprehensive range of high-performance materials addresses application-specific requirements. Our high temperature resistant materials for digital eggshell molding are compatible with most commonly used silicones, and our elastomeric materials for direct 3D printing offer select shore A values, chemical resistance, and biocompatible options. 

  • Application Development

    Through our Application Innovation Group, we leverage years of consumer technology and additive manufacturing expertise to help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with optimized 3D printing solutions. We provide you with application support, from advanced concept development to bridge production and mass customization.

  • World-Class Service Support

    From installation to hands-on training and consulting support, 3D Systems’ experts enable you to quickly and effectively ramp up your operation. To maximize your uptime and keep your fleet running efficiently, our world-class service organization is equipped to meet your business needs, with on-call experts, field engineering services, preventive maintenance programs, and optimized equipment for high serviceability.


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  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.