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Virtual Reality Headset - Seals and Gaskets


When conventional manufacturing methods can’t meet the timelines of your consumer tech projects and you can’t sacrifice budget for expensive tooling, using eggshell molds to make silicone parts for testing and end-use validation is a fast and cost-effective alternative. 

3D printing eggshell molds to get true silicone bands and straps, sensor pads, grips and handles, grommets, seals and gaskets, weather stripping or more, you can expect:

  • High accuracy
  • Same-day turnaround
  • Unparalleled geometry flexibility 

Download our application brief on silicone parts production with 3D printed eggshell molds to learn more about:

  • The digital silicone tooling workflow and best practices for silicone parts using digital workflow solutions
  • Design tips for eggshell mold creation and 3D printing
  • Our available solutions and guidelines for use