Solve Your Braking Systems and Pneumatic Control Challenges

  • Modern rear axle integrating electric motor, cooling electronics, and brake systems
  • Apply Smart Packaging and Serviceability

    Create robust and innovative designs for constrained spaces, transportation designers and engineers need to balance addressing dimensional challenges with satisfying manufacturing and maintenance requirements.

    The precise dimensional control of our additive manufacturing technologies help your engineers overcome the challenging requirements of innovative braking and pneumatic components. Design freedom paired with our wide materials portfolio enables them to optimize packaging geometries and ensure efficient serviceability.

  • Pre-assembled valves and pressure regulators made of many components
  • Eliminate Failures, Improve Assembly and Service

    Advance quality while reducing product cost, storage needs, and potential supply delays by consolidating components and lowering total part numbers.

    The experts in our Application Innovation Group can help you identify opportunities to reduce part count, improve assembly processes, and improve quality and reliability -- even across large ranges of pneumatic configurations.

  • Graphic of a car and commercial truck on the highway showing the sensors commercial trucks use to detect objects and automatically slow down to avoid collision
  • Iterate and Certify Sub-Systems Faster

    Accelerate technology development to drive industry standards, improve safety, and enhance vehicle control systems by iterating and validating faster while taking all driving scenarios and environmental conditions into account. 

    Use 3D Systems’ additive manufacturing solutions and production-grade materials to achieve and certify optimized and reliable braking control systems ahead of production.

  • Parker Hannefin

    Parker Hannifin speeds up fluid dynamic improvements of fuel filters

    This webinar explores how Parker Hannifin is speeding up innovation of its fuel filters with in-house 3d printed functional prototypes. Learn how special high-temperature plastics can be printed for testing in harsh environments, and how their transparency enables observations of fluid flow that were impossible before.

  • Additively manufactured fuel rail produced with direct metal printing technology  featuring optimized fluid dynamics design and part consolidation of various components into one.

    Optimize Fluid Dynamics

    Metal 3D printing enables unprecedented improvements in fluid dynamic applications for brake systems and pneumatic controls for truck, bus, and rail to improve system efficiency, optimize space utilization and reduce part weight.

More Truck, Bus & Rail Applications

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  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.