Solve and Enhance your Power Electronics Challenges

  • Cut view of conformal cooling galleries in a heat sink for an electronic module printed with metal AM
  • Apply Conformal Cooling

    The use of liquid for thermal management has been growing in recent years with a preference for compact packaging systems and smart cooling to replace bulky and inefficient air ducts and filters.

    Our DMP metal 3D printers and software solutions give engineers high levels of design freedom to produce thin walls and complex geometries that capture and manage energy more efficiently to extend the life and reduce maintenance activities of various systems.

  • Rendering of a future concept of charging stations for electric trucks and buses
  • Design Future-Proof Power Electronics

    EV’s need to be ready to run with future supercharger stations and meet customers’ request for faster charging time. Additive manufacturing can help OEMs develop power electronics hardware that will be ready to manage higher thermal loads.

    With input from our experts in the Application Innovation Group you can design cooling electronics that are flexible and robust enough to manage current and future needs.

  • Metro train docked on the tracks for maintenance
  • Reduce Part Count, Avoid Delays

    Increase manufacturing and service productivity, reduce inventory stock, minimize supply delays, and design reliable products that deliver on time by reducing overall part count on your power electronics.

    Producing components in-house with our additive manufacturing solutions and software will help you simplify cooling electronics and keep your assembly line running by reducing manufacturing complexity.

  • Wiring harness designed to route cables in vehicles and trains while fitting into the limited space and packaging requirements under the hood and behind the dashboard.

    Optimize Flexible Component Retention Earlier

    Space in the vehicle is constrained, but critical components like electrical wiring, hoses, and tubes need to be routed, often in challenging environments. Find out how you can alleviate constraints and satisfy the increasing requirements of new propulsion systems and vehicle architectures with optimized retention components.

  • Laserform gr23 ti DMP manifold

    Optimize Fluid Dynamics

    Metal 3D printing enables unprecedented improvements in fluid dynamic applications for power electronic systems for truck, bus, and rail to improve system efficiency, optimize space utilization and reduce part weight.

  • Part Consolidation

    Change the way you think about designing parts for the transportation industry. This webinar will review how AM transformed a sample part by enabling a 155:1 part count reduction, 20% weight reduction, 75% production time reduction, and fully eliminated assembly errors, checks, and time.

More Truck, Bus & Rail Applications

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  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.