Solve Your Air and Fluid Handling Challenges

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  • Improve Part Durability Under Pressure

    Create physical representations of the automotive air and fluid handling components for functional evaluation and testing. These parts must not only meet the fit and form of the design intent but also functionally perform over time and test cycles to deliver value. Our 3D printing solution for air and fluid handling components provides parts that will represent design intent across the temperature, energy, and vibration of the specified environment. Duraform EX Elongation Chart
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  • Leverage Design Freedom

    Automotive fluid handling components often balance the optimization of fluid dynamics and the significant package restrictions of the vehicle. If you add further constraints based on traditional prototyping production methods, you’re left with a limited ability to maximize system performance. Parts must function at a high level within tight spaces; with our additive solution, you can deliver quality components with complex surfaces, all while packaging them into constrained spaces without worrying about how to build rapid prototypes. These can be produced in clear materials to better understand fluid performance relative to design expectations.
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  • Deliver Systems with Fewer or Simplified Parts

    Directing and managing fluids can involve complex routes and paths through space. With traditional manufacturing methods, you’re often forced to create many individual components and assemble them to produce the desired path and performance, introducing inefficiencies and potential failure points. With our 3D-printed air and fluid handling solution, you can consolidate parts, integrate other functions, and/or implement innovative connection systems to improve system quality and assembly efficiency.
  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.

More Automotive Applications

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    eBook - Enhancing Automotive Design & Development with Clear 3D Printing

    Explore how clear 3D printed prototypes enable you to functionally test and optimize flow fluid and gas flows through a system. Save time and work through product development cycles faster.
  • sls 3d printed duraform ex black brake cooling unit

    Whitepaper - The New World of Thermoplastic Manufacturing

    Learn how you can leverage 3D Systems 3D printing to improve air and fluid handling, even in harsh environments, while bypassing the time and cost of associated tooling time and cost. Gain a competitive advantage by accelerating speed to track with SLS technology.

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