Solve Your Biggest Exterior Body Challenges

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  • Accelerate Design Validation

    When refining a design, aerodynamic testing is critical to minimizing drag and effectively directing air where desired, but it often requires an incredible amount of time, effort, and investment. The body exterior and panel application eliminates the tooling expense and labor intensity of traditional prototyping by enabling parts to be built in hours so that you can quickly integrate them into the prototype for rapid iteration.
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  • Exceptional Production Grade Surface Finish and Quality

    The ability to offer a range of different surface types can help convey the studio’s intent and differentiate vehicles on the market. Our body exterior solution delivers parts with surfaces that support various post-finishing processes, such as sanding, polishing, plating, and painting. This enables you to validate parts during testing and further optimize style and performance.
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  • Access High-Performance Materials

    Traditional development processes constrain automotive designers and engineers with their limited number of available materials. In contrast, our additive solutions offer a broad portfolio of durable materials, from rigid plastics to composites and elastomerics, that have the strength, impact resistance, accuracy, and stability to suit the needs of testing and on-road experiences.
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  • Customize Without Expensive Tooling

    Limited series convey exclusivity through exterior styling and optimized performance, yet they also require expensive tooling. Our additive solutions eliminate this cost by making customization easier and more accessible, helping you burnish your brand.
  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.

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