Manage Heat Dissipation, Achieve Uniform Cooling, Reduce Warping and Deformation While Achieving better Overall Injection Molding Economics
cycle time reduction
30 hrs
reduction in mold post processing time
reduction in tool cost

Deliver Advanced Product Innovation with Higher Productivity, Higher Quality, and Shorter Lead Times

NEW - Cobalt Free Tool Steel

Produce high-strength, corrosion resistant, cobalt free molds and tools with NEW Certified M789 (A) metal AM material to manage heat dissipation, achieve uniform cooling, reduce warping and deformation to produce quality parts faster upon start-up, achieve better overall molding economics.

Solve Your Metal Durable Tooling Challenges

  • 3D Systems Conformal Cooling Second Part Example
  • Improve Tool Productivity and Part Quality

    Thermal stresses on tools and hot spots can significantly degrade tool performance and part quality. However, the ability to define more complex tool features improves thermal management, thus improving the quality, productivity, and uptime. Our durable tooling solution provides the freedom including innovations like conformal cooling to optimize tool design beyond what traditional tool making processes allow.
  • Conformal Cooling Channels Example with Bastech
  • Increase Product Design Freedom

    Complexity exponentially increases the cost and time required to develop, produce, and deliver traditional tools. Constraints surrounding features such as draw directions, cooling channels, parting lines, and draft angles often produce significant limitations on the innovation of parts. Our durable tooling applications remove these traditional manufacturing constraints, giving you the engineering freedom to optimize automotive parts and systems.
  • maraging steel tire mold
  • Deliver Early Design Iterations More Frequently

    When designing advanced automotive systems, you can use design iterations to refine and optimize performance. Physical testing, together with digital models, also provides the ability to launch products with confidence. Our solutions for metal 3D printing durable tooling enable you to significantly reduce the lead time for early physical design drafts, allowing more time for iteration, testing, and validation.
  • Apply Best-in-Class Digital Solutions

    Our durable tooling solution provides you with software for developing and validating advanced tool designs. This software enables conformal cooling channel design, scanning, inspection/metrology, and process control solutions so that engineers and designers can efficiently innovate their metal durable tools. Our solution for durable tooling has been developed with input gathered from years of engagements and incorporates best practices from leading companies and innovative industries.
  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.

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