Reduce Weight, Minimize Vibration, and Consolidate Parts for Increased Reliability, Improved Manufacturing, and Yield
weight reduction in flexures
higher resonant frequency and reduced system vibration

Create Structurally Optimized and Lightweight Advanced Flexure Designs

The Benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing

  • Semiconductor DMP Manifold in 3DXpert
  • Design Flexibility ‘Function over Form’

    Additive manufacturing makes it possible to optimally design, rapidly iterate, and manufacture lightweight, topology-optimized flexures much closer to the ideal kinematics required with fewer unwanted degrees of freedom.
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  • High Quality and Accuracy for Clean Room Environments

    Our metal additive manufacturing solutions ensure high material quality and part accuracy, producing parts in an inert atmosphere with a steady, ultra-low oxygen level—coupled with proprietary processes for optimal particle cleanliness. This results in metal parts that meet cleanroom requirements and are fit for use in lithography equipment.
  • Flexure Demonstrator Image for Semiconductor
  • Performance and Productivity

    Light-weighting semiconductor components and advanced motion mechanisms reduces inertia and improves lithography and wafer processing machine speed and uptime, leading to more wafers processed. Additive manufacturing also delivers structurally optimized flexures with reduced part counts and assemblies. Replacing multipart assemblies with monolithic parts increases reliability, improves manufacturing yield, and reduces labor costs.

Answer Challenges Related to Flexure and Structural Optimization

  • Silicon Wafers and Microcircuits sitting on a robot arm

    Reduce Vibration, Hysteresis and Inertia to Improve Cycle Time

    Semiconductor capital equipment features fast-moving mechanisms and components, and unnecessary weight can induce vibration, resonance, and inertia into the system, which negatively affects system accuracy and speed.

  • semiconductor vdl focus stack flexure structural optimization image

    Optimized Strength-to-Weight Ratios

    Reducing flexure weight and vibration requires designs with optimal strength-to-weight ratios to deliver exceptional system performance.

    Part courtesy of VDL

  • semiconductor conventional flexure kinematics image

    Advanced Flexure Kinematics

    Conventional flexures can be bulky and still deviate from the ideal kinematics, resulting in accuracy deviations and crosstalk.

    Part courtesy of VDL


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    Structurally Optimizing Flexures with Additive Manufacturing

    Adding flexures within brackets can help precision systems attain peak accuracy. Discover how additive manufacturing makes producing flexures attainable, along with a clear explanation of the flexure manufacturing workflow and best practices.

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    Rapidly Adopt and Scale Metal Additive Manufacturing

    In this eBook, you’ll learn how 3D Systems’ decades of experience and expertise helps integrate metal AM to drive performance, productivity, and reliability improvements for semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Silicon Wafers and Microcircuits sitting on a robot arm

    Additive Manufacturing for Semiconductor Capital Equipment

    Discover how 3D Systems’ metal additive manufacturing can give semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers and suppliers the capabilities they need to improve performance, productivity, and reliability.

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