Improve Product Performance and Mixing Efficiency, Increase Reliability, and Reduce Manufacturing Costs by Leveraging Direct Metal Printing to Produce with Optimized Form Factors and More Efficient Gas Pathways
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Reduce Part Count While Improving Gas Conveyance and Mixing Efficiency

The Benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing

  • Semiconductor Design Flexibility - Gas Conveyance
  • Design Flexibility

    Additive manufacturing makes it possible to optimally design, and rapidly iterate and manufacture gas feeders and mixers within tight spaces, with numerically modeled gas pathways that reliably convey and efficiently mix gases toward the process chamber.

  • Semiconductor Clean Room Environments
  • High Quality and Accuracy for Clean Room Environments

    High material quality, fine part details and accuracy produced in an inert atmosphere with a steady, ultra-low oxygen level—coupled with proprietary processes for optimal particle cleanliness—result in metal parts that meet clean room requirements and are fit for use in semiconductor equipment.

  • Performance and Productivity

    A reduction in gas flow turbulence enables an accurate and even spread of cleaning and etching gases, increasing overall system efficiency and throughput to process more wafers. Additive manufacturing also delivers structurally optimized gas feeders with reduced part counts and assemblies. Replacing multipart assemblies with monolithic parts increases reliability, improves manufacturing yield, and reduces labor costs.

Optimizing Gas Conveyance and Mixing

  • Improve Gas Flow Efficiency - Gas Conveyance

    Improve Gas Flow Efficiency

    Additive manufacturing gives semiconductor equipment engineers unprecedented design flexibility. They are able to unlock novel internal patterns, nozzle shapes, and mixing chambers, thus optimizing gas flow and mixing for maximum performance and efficiency.

  • a technician holding a wafer

    Increase Reliability

    Additive manufacturing delivers structurally optimized gas feeders and mixers with reduced part counts and assemblies. This greatly increases component reliability by eliminating fluid leakage at connections under the highest temperatures and operating pressures for higher component integrity.

  • Semiconductor Gas Mixer with ruler

    Minimize Volume

    Thinner walls and component consolidation deliver leak-tight integrity and enable more efficient functionality in a smaller package size. Produce multi-axis features and trapped volumes with significant ease compared to traditional manufacturing processes.


  • Semiconductor ebook cover

    Rapidly Adopt and Scale Metal Additive Manufacturing

    In this eBook, you’ll learn how 3D Systems’ decades of experience and expertise helps integrate metal AM to drive performance, productivity, and reliability improvements for semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Silicon Wafers and Microcircuits sitting on a robot arm

    Additive Manufacturing for Semiconductor Capital Equipment

    Discover how 3D Systems’ metal additive manufacturing can give semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers and suppliers the capabilities they need to improve performance, productivity, and reliability.

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