medical device manufacturers win with 3d printed additive metal implants

It starts with the patient.

We partnered with medical device manufacturers, surgeons and healthcare professionals to help treat patient needs with patient-specific solutions. From innovative surgical instruments, complex spinal and hip pathologies, to crafting intricate dental molds, or designing prosthetic limbs for pets – anything is possible.



  • simplify the assembly process in metal additive manufacturing


    Design and print 3D metal implants using advanced titanium materials for porous structure along with rough surfaces to allow for bone integration throughout the implant.

  • surgeons work smarter with metal 3d printing


    Help surgeons work smarter and patients recover quickly by creating surgical instruments and complex lattice structures with titanium for patient-specific and standard-size implants.

  • maintain and improve 3d printed metal parts strength


    Parts have titanium strength but allow for x-ray photography to give surgeons insight on how an implant adapts to its biological environment.

Our precision metal printing solution was designed for you.

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