The Craniofacial Model Skull Library was created by selecting diagnosis-specific 3D CT datasets from the craniofacial deformities imaging archive established by Drs. Jeffery L. Marsh and Michael W. Vannier (maintained by Dr. Marsh) from 1983-2003 in St. Louis. Over 2000 CT scans were reviewed by Dr. Marsh and Dr. Chad Perlyn, with technical assistance from Mr. Dan Govier, to identify those scans with the most characteristic dysmorphology of the particular congenital anomaly prior to any intervention. Patients or their legal representatives consented to use of the CT data and clinical information for educational purposes for both health care professionals and patients and their families (Human Studies Committee approval was assisted by Dr. Alex Kane). Once representative CT datasets were selected, life-size replica models were produced using the process of stereolithography. The Craniofacial Model Skull Library is now available to all interested individuals and centers. The set has been made available exclusively through 3D Systems who has provided design and technical assistance for the project.