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Metal Printed Structural Components for Motorsports with the Formula Electric Belgium team


Race car structural components must be able to perform under extreme stresses and conditions. Beyond achieving strength and stiffness requirements, these parts should be as light as possible to minimize their impact on acceleration and center of gravity. Components with these targets in mind are often achieved using topology optimizing software generating designs with features that are challenging to manufacture with conventional methods. Metal additive manufacturing (AM), on the other hand, excels in producing complex, performance-driven designs.

Whether for mounts, rocker arms, or housings, metal AM delivers substantial benefits to many structural component applications. Because AM takes a digital approach, there are no custom tooling requirements, and accelerating time-to-track is a routine benefit of using this technology.

Download the application brief to learn:

  • The benefits of using additive manufacturing for structural components
  • Design for additive tips
  • Critical success factors when bringing on additive manufacturing for structural components