Maximize Performance by Combining Additive Manufacturing With Our Deep 3D Motorsports Consulting Experience
parts/week printed by one customer for wind tunnel testing
years expertise in motorsports

Accelerate Speed to Track

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3D Motorsports Applications Built for Improved Productivity and Performance

  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.

NoSupports enables metal powder-bed printing without support structures.

Powered by 3DXpert software, NoSupports expands the design envelope, accelerates design cycles, and unlocks new applications. 

Customer Stories
Produced unique on-engine 3D printed metal under-pulley gear within 1 day, and was on the race car engine for testing 3 days later to go on and win races...
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Partnership with 3D Systems speeds development and fuels innovation from wind tunnel testing to flow rigs to robust on-car parts...
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The Experience and Technology to Gain a Competitive Advantage

  • Improve Your Performance Faster

    You don't have weeks to wait for parts; you need fast solutions. Our additive manufacturing technology is built to help you design, test, and iterate motorsports components quickly and efficiently. By reducing the time it takes to produce high-quality parts from days or weeks to hours, you can quickly improve the performance of the race car and gain a critical advantage over your competitors. 

  • Easy Access to Innovation

    Our additive solutions make it easier to develop cutting-edge components that deliver superior performance. We give you access to a broad range of advanced materials and technologies, allowing you to design innovative parts that can withstand the sustained forces, vibrations, and extreme temperatures of motorsports. By leveraging the production flexibility of additive manufacturing, you can easily overcome the challenges of engineering motorsports applications and maximize performance.

  • Extensive Motorsports and Additive Expertise

    We are committed to giving you a competitive advantage using our solutions and expertise. We work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of additive technology, whether you are trying to maximize aerodynamic performance, optimize strength/weight ratios, reduce component parts, or develop new parts within specific geometric constraints.

  • Winning the race between the NASCAR races at Stewart-Haas Racing

    The new SLA 3D printer integrates into the team’s digital workflow that includes 3D scanning and Geomagic Wrap reverse engineering software.
  • Winning the race between the NASCAR races at Stewart-Haas Racing