Mass custom manufacturing, the ability to mass-produce custom parts and goods, has long been an objective for many but has never been achievable until 3D printing came of age. Now, with 3D Systems' industrial 3D printing platforms, manufacturers can finally mass produce custom parts easily and at a significantly lower cost than manual alternatives.

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    CAD Data is your Tooling

    3D printing with 3D Systems allows you to build batches of parts, each of which can be different - and each custom-designed for your customers. Your CAD data drives the part without you having to wait for tooling or drive up costs. You simply start your production when the orders come in.

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    Your Inventory is Customer Parts

    With mass-custom manufacturing your inventory is only created when orders come in - be it custom shoe soles, dental aligners and implants, and more. No need to hold thousands of parts, or invest in massive production lines, until your revenue stream enables it.

How Can We Help You?

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  • On Demand Manufacturing Services

    3D Systems' in-house production service enables you to access 3D printing for one-off parts as well as mass-custom manufacturing, in addition to traditional manufacturing you might need for your project, without having to invest in production lines. This worldwide team provides engineering services, project management and production expertise to enable your project to go from start to finish effortlessly.

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  • Explore Mass-custom Manufacturing In-house

    Implement mass-custom manufacturing platforms and solutions in your own shop floor with 3D Systems industrial 3D printing and software solutions. Our global network of experts will work one-on-one to help you implement your mass custom manufacturing strategies.

    Do you want to bring mass custom manufacturing to your shop floor?

Find Out More About Our Solutions

Review our industrial SLS and SLA 3D printers that enable your mass-custom manufacturing production

  • sPro 60 HD-HS

    Compact SLS printer for broad range of thermoplastic, composite and elastomeric materials

  • ProX 800

    SLA quality at high throughput to address the broadest range of applications

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