Improve Performance and Fuel Efficiency, Increase Reliability and Reduce Manufacturing Costs
component reduction
average annual fuel savings
increase in component life

Improving Performance for Space Launch, Create More-Efficient Rocket and Satellite Engines

Solve the Challenges Associated with Propulsion Design

  • 3d systems laserform ti gr5 (a) dmp hydraulic manifold gf post machined alternate
  • Reduce Parts Count

    Consolidate traditionally complex assemblies into monolithic propulsion system designs. -- Fewer quality controls required -- Simplified supply chain -- Shorter integration time
  • 3D printed Aerospace fuel injectors
  • Simplify Fluid Management

    Our metal additive manufacturing solutions allow for the production of propulsion system components with freeform fluid channel designs. This reduces turbulence, pressure fluctuations, weight, and space requirements.
  • Improve System Efficiency

    Additive manufacturing enables propulsion and vehicle design engineers with unprecedented design flexibility. The technology allows for development of novel orifice shapes, heat exchangers, and mixing chambers, thus optimizing staged combustion cycles for maximum performance and efficiency.

  • 3D printed combustor component
  • semiconductor technology transfer image
  • Reduce Manufacturing Costs and Lead Time

    In traditional manufacturing, heat-resistant superalloys used in propulsion devices, such as thrust chambers or turbomachinery combustors, present challenges in machining, including short tool life and high material waste. Additive manufacturing has no difficulty with these materials, regardless of geometry or superalloy used. Further, replacing multipart assemblies (such as injectors, swirlers, and heat exchangers) with monolithic parts improves manufacturing yield and reduces labor costs.

3D Systems Delivers Increased Performance and Productivity to Manufacturers

  • Application Development

    Through our Application Innovation Group, we leverage years of space launch and metal additive manufacturing expertise to help find optimized solutions for your applications. The support we provide enables an engineering and design approach that repeatedly meets strict requirements.

  • Metal Additive Expertise

    With our combination of metal hardware, software, and materials, we offer solutions with unprecedented design flexibility, economics, and reliability that traditional manufacturing cannot match.

  • Production Capability

    With our production facilities, we can be your agile manufacturing arm, helping you transition from prototype to production while offering increased supply chain capacity and flexibility. We also offer on-demand printing services available to you 24/7.

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NoSupports enables metal powder-bed printing without support structures.

Powered by 3DXpert software, NoSupports expands the design envelope, accelerates design cycles, and unlocks new applications. 

  • Application Innovation Group

    Our team can help you solve your most difficult design and production challenges with additive manufacturing solutions. Together we’ll identify your needs, working with you to optimize your designs, prototype, validate and define a manufacturing flow.