“By Teaming with 3D Systems, Hammerhead Has Been Able to Change the Paradigm of Medical Education,” said Becky Delegge. “I Have Found Quickparts to Be an Asset to My Business.”

Hammerhead Design was formed in 1997 to offer consultative design engineering to physicians, medical personnel, and medical device companies. Hammerhead Design focuses on engineering, education, and consultation. As engineers, they can assist you with your design by helping you protect it and by designing the first prototype. Hammerhead can locate the right person in the corporate structure to champion your concept through the evaluation process.

In education, Hammerhead can plan and manage the largest to the smallest hands-on training sessions. They can build anatomical models to teach a particular disease treatment, such as tumors or bleeders sewn into the porcine anatomy. Hammerhead can also help to design an ex-vivo model to assist in device development and testing. Whatever the need, they can simply get it done for you.


Hammerhead designed a medical device (explant tray) that would house and secure the anatomical models used to teach fellowship doctors about particular disease treatment. They needed a supplier that would not only communicate throughout the entire production process but would also provide a one-stop-shop for SLA’s and Cast Urethanes.

“I needed a tray that would stabilize the organs used in testing,” said Becky. “I also needed to be able to paint the prototypes to match the color of the parts that would go in conjunction with the trays.”


3D Systems parts service provided the single source solution for all of Hammerhead’s production needs with their quoting process. After confirming the design of the trays with painted SLA parts, Hammerhead decided upon the Cast Urethane process for the production of the trays.

“By using the online quoting process I was able to save time,” said Becky. “The quotes are easy to modify and they always adapt to any changes I need to make.”


Having been a loyal customer of 3D Systems since 2000, Hammerhead and Becky Delegge felt confident using them for prototype and pre-production parts.  When choosing a vendor, communication was key for Hammerhead and 3D Systems always delivered.

“By teaming with 3D Systems, Hammerhead has been able to change the paradigm of medical education,” said Becky. “I have found 3D Systems to be an asset to my business.”