The Jaw in a Day® product line allows for immediate placement of a provisional dental prosthesis during a single-stage free tissue transfer jaw reconstruction surgery. The surgical planning along with guide and prosthesis designs are completed using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, allowing the patient to emerge after a single surgery with a full jaw reconstruction, including dental rehabilitation.

    Technical Requirements

    • Fine-cut CMF and fibula donor site CT scans (protocols available).
    • Occlusal stone models and/or intraoral occlusal scans.
    • Completed order form.
    • Lead-time is 3-4 weeks from receipt of data to surgery.

    Clinical Considerations

    • Patient selection considerations:
      • Benign lesions
      • Minimal soft tissue loss
      • Bone loss of greater than 6cm
    • Fibula guide must be reproduced perfectly on the fibula (using special features/shape of guide).
    • Consider using tooth-borne resection guides.
    • Implants with guided system must be tapped and at bone level.
    • Occlusal splint is a must.
    • Provide enough room for bone, soft tissue, and prosthesis to fit comfortably (about 12mm mini-mum clearance from FFF to opposing dental arch).
    • Custom reconstruction plate recommended, though may be slightly more difficult to inset with dental prosthesis.

    Jaw in a Day is a registered trademark of David L Hirsch.