Achieving Productivity in Metal 3D Printing

Achieving Productivity in Metal 3D Printing

In this short clip, our very own Jeph Ruppert introduces some of the unique productivity features of the DMP Flex and Factory 350 Dual. These mid-frame metal 3D printers deliver extremely dense, strong metal parts to an impressive Z-height of up to 420mm. The ‘Dual’ printers come with two high-powered, 500W lasers, bi-directional recoating and 30um, 60um, and 90um layer thickness (LT) options. Using the fastest LT90 scan set, parts can be delivered up to 50% faster than comparable single laser systems. With parts printed in Titanium at 99.9% density, and Aluminum at 99.7% density this is now a very real and viable alternative to traditionally casted metal for manufacturers and service providers in healthcare, semiconductor, space, aviation, and transportation.

Jeph Ruppert, Director, Application Innovation Group

Jeph Ruppert

Director, Application Innovation Group

Specialties:Medical Devices, Direct Metal Printing

Our teams strive to offer unique benefits that enable improvements to high value products in regulated industries through metal additive manufacturing and more.