• DMP Monitoring

    Direct Metal Printers & DMP Monitoring

    With the monitoring hardware on Direct Metal Printers, collect process monitoring data and visualize it in 2D

  • 3DXpert Build Insight

    3DXpert Software & DMP Inspection

    With 3DXpert Build Insight, analyze process monitoring data, visualize detected anomalies in 3D and diagnose build design and printer related issues

 Build Insight Offers Value to Customer as a Diagnostic Tool

  • Add confidence to the AM process by monitoring process stability for each build

  • Detect build design issues and link to the root cause to minimize number of process loops to achieve stable design and thus, save time, money, and reduce waste

  • Simplify and speed up root cause analysis to identify and resolve issues related to printer health, immediately after printing, before performing post processing and standard quality testing on parts

  • Amend traceability chain with a sensory record of each part, and reduces the data size to megabytes with our advanced data size reduction strategies

  • View side-by-side part models, monitoring data and analysis results in a 3D visualization environment

  • Add build design and printer diagnosis to the existing features – design, simulate and optimize in our all-in-one software, 3DXpert with Build Insight

Build Insight analyzes sensory data and generates a 3D point cloud for each build

  • Event map of Build Insight

    3D Point Cloud

  • Event map of Build Insight

    3D Point cloud reveals event patterns that are signatures of anomalies in the AM process

With the help of Build Insight, event patterns are identified, and are traced back to the root causes upstream and potential defects downstream

  • Build Insight event patterns

  • Root cause

    • Damaged coater
    • Low feedstock
    • Un-optimized support structures 
    • Un-optimized scan order
    • Un-optimized gas flow
    • Powder quality issue
    • Insufficient power burns
    • Out of spec optical calibration
    • Dirty optics
  • Anomalies in the AM process

    • Coater lines
    • Warpage
    • Short-feed
    • Spatter
    • Events at part edge
    • Powder lumps
    • Event gradient patterns 
  • Potential defects

    • Deformation/warpage
    • Delamination
    • Cracks
    • Spikes/edge effect
    • Pores 
    • Dross
    • Top surface roughness
    • Contour roughness
  • Detect and Visualize Event Patterns with Build Insight

    Build Insight

    Build Insight helps to link event patterns to anomalies, which can be traced back to root cause upstream, and localized defects downstream.

New feature available as part of DMP Software Solutions

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