3D Systems Introduction to Formnext Connect 2020

Formnext Connect 2020


3D Systems architects application-specific Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions through a combination of its breakthrough materials, hardware platforms, software, and professional services - creating a path forward to integrating additive into traditional production environments. As a result, manufacturers are able to achieve design freedom, increase agility, scale production, and improve operational costs.

At Formnext Connect 2020, 3D Systems invites you to discuss how AM can augment your manufacturing workflow. At this year’s event, we’ll highlight how our solutions are addressing specific applications in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Healthcare industries:

  • Automotive: 3D Systems production solutions are helping automotive manufacturers develop lighter weight parts to drive down manufacturing costs, design and produce innovative assemblies that reduce part counts, provide greater strength and efficiency, and create realistic prototypes that can remove months from the product development process.
  • Aerospace:  Aerospace and defense customers are able to realize unprecedented manufacturing productivity improvements such as: increased speed and reliability of quality assurance and validation processes; lowered fuel costs through lightweighting and parts consolidation; increased manufacturing productivity through innovative 3D printed casting patterns, 3D data recovery, injection-mold design, and direct metal printing of airworthy parts.
  • Healthcare:  3D Systems partners with surgeons, healthcare professionals, and medical device manufacturers to offer a range of precision healthcare solutions, including 3D printed anatomical models, virtual surgical planning, patient-specific surgical guides, instrumentation and implants.
  • Durable Goods: 3D Systems enables an unmatched set of integrated products that automate every facet of the supply chain, from reverse engineering and quality inspection to modeling tools that enable advanced features such as conformal cooling and lattice structures, to the most diverse methods and materials for 3D printing of prototypes and end-use parts.

Application Presentation: Delivering Affordable, Highly Functional Medical Training Equipment

Speaker: Jordan Van Flute, Chief Technology Officer, Inovus Medical

Date: November 11, 2020 4:40 pm - 5:-00 pm (CSET)

Ground-breaking tools and technology have never been more accessible. Where launching a company and physical product without investing in tooling was once thought impossible, there are now inspiring examples of forward-thinking companies that have done just that. This session will feature Chief Technology Officer of Inovus Medical, Jordan Van Flute showcasing why his company used selective laser sintering (SLS) to establish and grow a range of medical simulation products. Topics will include: -How SLS enabled a lean company launch by answering production needs without tooling; -Benefits of flexible and adaptable production to provide higher value to customers; -Performance requirements SLS delivers. 

Learn about Applications

Best-in-class, end-to-end 3D solutions and industry-leading expertise to help transform your workflows in design, engineering and manufacturing.

How to Bring on Metal AM as a Validated Process for Certified Parts in Highly Regulated Industries

GF Metals

Executive Brief - How to Bring on Metal AM as a Validated Process for Certified Parts in Highly Regulated Industries

Accelerating Innovation with Metal AM - The design and fabrication freedoms of additive manufacturing (AM) technology unlock new
opportunities for companies and organizations to advance their products, processes, and bottom lines.

In this Executive Brief you will learn how 3D Systems helps customers obtain high quality, repeatable, certifiable metal printed parts, and qualify and control their metal AM processes at all stages to eliminate months from implementation, achieve their goals faster, and adopt best practices sooner.

Accelerate Your Business with 3D Printing Materials for Prototyping and Production Applications

Materials Buyer’s Guide - Improve your application’s performance with an advanced plastics materials portfolio

3D printing is developing fast. With ever-evolving technologies and materials, the range of addressable applications across industries has never been so varied or offered such huge opportunities. Outsourcing costs can be cut, iterations sped up, production and prototyping optimized. Thanks to innovations in 3D printing and materials development, entirely new business models are being unlocked.

Use this guide to help navigate through your material choices and help you decide which material is ideal for your project, whether it’s concept modeling, functional testing, rapid tooling or direct 3D parts manufacturing.

A Digital Alternative to Injection Molding

White Paper - A Digital Alternative to Injection Molding

3D Systems’ Figure 4® technology is a tool-less, massively scalable, additive manufacturing process that speeds and simplifies the production of plastic parts.

This digital approach enables designs to go straight from CAD to manufacturing without tooling, facilitates on-the-fly iterations of part designs, accelerates production transitions to new designs without retooling, and rapidly manufactures parts that are too complex for traditional injection molding.

This paper outlines the evolution of tool-less direct digital production enabled by Figure 4® technology, explains how it works, details benefits for manufacturers, reveals business drivers for the technology, and provides perspectives from an industry expert. Cost and time savings claims are documented by benchmarks that demonstrate the performance of digital production versus traditional injection molding.

Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

Prototyping and Manufacturing Services to Meet Advanced Market Expectations

3D printing or traditional manufacturing? Choosing the right manufacturing process can save costs and development time.

From rapid and functional prototyping, appearance models to low-volume production using both additive manufacturing and traditional subtractive processes; the choices to develop your project are almost endless.

Combining advanced technologies, with an expert manufacturing partner and your project knowledge, ensures output excellence. Also to safeguard against costly production and time delays.

Download our eBook to learn how to Speed up project development time, improve product performance and lightweighting and more.

Metal AM Software

find out why metal additive manufacturing software is a critical element for successful and profitable metal 3D printing.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Software: A Critical Element for Successful and Profitable Metal 3D Printing.

Metal 3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing process, but did you know it takes more than a 3D CAD model and a good printer to get a successful print. A gap exists between your 3D CAD model and your 3D printed part. It exists because designers and engineers lack the specialist tools required to prepare and optimize the model for 3D printing.

Download this eBook and discover:

  • Why Additive Manufacturing software is critical for successful metal 3D printing
  • The importance of a software solution to the profitability of your metal additive manufacturing business
  • What to look for when researching Additive Manufacturing software solutions and why an integrated software solution is superior to multiple independent Additive Manufacturing software solutions.

Is 3D Scanning Right for Your Inspection Needs?

 find out how an effective approach to 3D scanning requires matching the right people with the right hardware and the right software to best meet your company's measurement needs.

Is 3D Scanning Right for Your Inspection Needs?

This eBook will help you determine if 3D scanning is right for your inspection needs, and if it is, how best to go about implementing the technology in your business.

Download the ebook to see:

  • Signs you really need to incorporate 3D scanning into your workflow
  • An overview of the 3D scanner landscape
  • Advantages of 3D scan-native inspection software
  • Hybridization of inspection and reverse engineering
  • How to maximize your ROI

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