Tuesday , Nov 19 - Nov 22, 2019

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    Visit us at our booths D11 and D03 in Hall 12.1
    & at the Georg Fischer booth D19 in Hall 12.1

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Join us this year at formnext in Booth D11 and D03, Hall 12.1 and discover how the digital factory is evolving.

The digital factory for plastic AM

Offering industry-leading 3D printers, innovative materials, advanced software and services, 3D Systems is transforming existing factory lines into advanced manufacturing environments with innovations such as:

  • Figure 4® technology including the industry’s first customizable, fully integrated factory solution for direct digital production
  • Advanced new materials such as Production Black 10 enabling the manufacture of truly production parts - without the time and cost of tooling
  • Prototyping to production workflows - combining advanced materials, technology and software to deliver production-grade parts
  • 3D Systems On Demand - delivering the technologies, processes, tools and expertise to quickly translate your designs into manufactured parts

The digital factory for metal AM

GF Machining Solutions are industry leading providers of complete solutions to the precision machining industry - together we are redefining the factory of the future with advances such as:

    • DMP Factory 500 - redefining the AM factory with workflow optimized, scalable, repeatable and high quality 3D printed parts.
    • Seamless integration of the best of additive and traditional manufacturing
    • Advanced software solutions supporting every step of the AM workflow

    Register for a guided booth tour and we will show how to rethink manufacturing and unlock new possibilities with the digital factory.

    • Learn about Applications

      Best-in-class, end-to-end 3D solutions and industry-leading expertise to help transform your workflows in design, engineering and manufacturing.

      Accelerate Design Cycles and Lower Production Costs

      eBook - Accelerate Design Cycles and Lower Production Costs with Rapid Prototyping and Design Verification

      Product development today is characterized by high-demand, increasing customer expectations and near constant innovation. To top it all off, product lifetimes are shrinking. The result is driving greater competition among manufacturers with the pressure to do more, better, and faster.

      To stay competitive in a market that is perpetually shrinking time to market, manufacturers need to meet and break new release schedules in their product development cycles. Rapid prototyping offers that opportunity.

      Plastic Additive Manufacturing for Your Production Environment

      Plastic Additive Manufacturing for Your Production Environment

      The ongoing developments of the last few decades have transformed 3D printing (also called additive manufacturing), into a viable and cost-effective technology throughout the production environment: from prototyping, to production enablement, to direct 3D production.

      Companies that utilize 3D printing can attain and cement a leadership position in their industry through the time, cost, and capability advancements 3D printing makes possible.

      This ebook provides an overview of the 3D printing technology and material advancements in 3D Systems’ plastic additive manufacturing that extend the addressable range of production applications.

      Download our eBook and find out everything you need to know when evaluating Plastic Additive Manufacturing for your production Environment.

      The Foundry Goes Digital

      The Foundry Goes Digital

      Today technology is changing rapidly, and new versions and models are being introduced quicker than ever before. Product designs that might have been expected to last for decades are becoming obsolete after only a few years, or even months.

      Tool-less digital manufacturing solutions have changed the landscape of investment casting with 3D printing of high quality wax and resin casting patterns in hours that allow high complexity metal part production at significantly lower costs.

      Tool-less digital manufacturing solutions will be adopted as the standard for investment casting in the age of the 21st century digital foundry.

      Download our eBook to learn how the digital foundry will yield competitive advantages for those adopting digital processes powered by 3D printing.

      Prototyping and Manufacturing Services

      Prototyping and Manufacturing Services to Meet Advanced Market Expectations

      3D printing or traditional manufacturing? Choosing the right manufacturing process can save costs and development time.

      From rapid and functional prototyping, appearance models to low-volume production using both additive manufacturing and traditional subtractive processes; the choices to develop your project are almost endless.

      Combining advanced technologies, with an expert manufacturing partner and your project knowledge, ensures output excellence. Also to safeguard against costly production and time delays.

      Download our eBook to learn how to Speed up project development time, improve product performance and lightweighting and more.

      Metal AM Software

      Metal Additive Manufacturing Software: A Critical Element for Successful and Profitable Metal 3D Printing.

      Metal 3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing process, but did you know it takes more than a 3D CAD model and a good printer to get a successful print. A gap exists between your 3D CAD model and your 3D printed part. It exists because designers and engineers lack the specialist tools required to prepare and optimize the model for 3D printing.

      Download this eBook and discover:

      • Why Additive Manufacturing software is critical for successful metal 3D printing
      • The importance of a software solution to the profitability of your metal additive manufacturing business
      • What to look for when researching Additive Manufacturing software solutions and why an integrated software solution is superior to multiple independent Additive Manufacturing software solutions.

      Is 3D Scanning Right for Your Inspection Needs?

      Is 3D Scanning Right for Your Inspection Needs?

      This eBook will help you determine if 3D scanning is right for your inspection needs, and if it is, how best to go about implementing the technology in your business.

      Download the ebook to see:

      • Signs you really need to incorporate 3D scanning into your workflow
      • An overview of the 3D scanner landscape
      • Advantages of 3D scan-native inspection software
      • Hybridization of inspection and reverse engineering
      • How to maximize your ROI

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