In addition to printing in pure base materials, the ProJet MJP 5600 can precisely mix any two base materials together, pixel-by-pixel, to achieve superior mechanical properties and custom performance characteristics to meet your exacting specifications, in up to twelve different composite ratios. An entire object can be printed in any of these composites, or a user can easily select a specific region of a part to be any number of different material combinations.

  • What Can You 3D Print with Plastics?

    3D printing with plastics offers many choices for engineering grade materials, elastomers and composites. Do you need flexibility? Strength? Bio-compatibility? More?

  • Advantages of Plastic 3D Printing

    3D print with plastics to build almost anything - used for prototyping, manufacturing, anatomical models and more. Select a plastic material and 3D technology to deliver the characteristics you need.

Printers compatible with this material: