3DXpert design for additive manufacturing software enables a streamlined path from CAD data, to print, to post-processing. With a wealth of tools tuned precisely for adapting your design for metal sintering, 3DXpert offers some clear benefits to 3D printing managers.

Of the many features available, a key aspect is the tools for support structures for your metal 3D print. 3DXpert enables significant savings in materials and print times through a combination of tools that are both automated and give full user control. 3DXpert can:

3DXpert software for metal additive manufacturing

  • Analyze your part to define regions that require supports. Engineers can also manually define regions if they prefer.
  • Quickly create supports of any type using a variety of tools that give full control to tilt, offset and fragmentize the support to simplify removal and minimize material usage.
  • Define, save and reuse routines for automated support generation.
  • Eliminate the need to use supports in hard-to-reach areas and define specific printing strategies that allow you to build the part without supports in certain small areas.
  • Provide analysis results to identify areas of the part for potential stress and adjust support design to prevent any part distortion.

Companies like Metal Technology Inc and other 3D Systems customers already report significant achievements in the workflow, quality and productivity of using 3DXpert. We at 3D Systems are also using it internally while delivering metal parts to our customers in the most demanding industries like aerospace and medical.

3DXpert additive support structure close up

“The ease of 3DXpert for getting your part right for metal AM is what makes the difference here,” said Ryan Overdorff, applied research engineer, 3D Systems. “The support design and print strategy tools are powerful enough to enable part overhangs down to as much as 25 degrees. In some projects we can almost eliminate part supports entirely. This is a huge advantage.”

3DXpert design for additive software is bundled with 3D Systems’ leading metal 3D printers – our Direct Metal Printer (DMP) range. 3DXpert also supports all 3D DMLS printers including EOS, SLM, and more.

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