By Idit Lagziel, Vice President of Product Marketing

The key for additive manufacturing to reach its full potential across a wide range of industries is to make design tools more accessible and the workflow easier to navigate for the designer community. Up till now, designers did not have the right tools to make DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) an inherent part of their design process.

3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS Lattices
Lightning-fast creation and editing of lattice and infill structures

Design for Additive Now at Your Fingertips

3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS delivers an entire new toolset to SOLIDWORKS users for rapid, robust design for additive manufacturing. Supporting both plastic and metal 3D printing, 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS delivers unprecedented ease-of-use to DFAM - adding latticework, support structures, arranging the build platform and more in an integrated workflow that removes long and cumbersome design iterations.

3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS positioning
Optimize printing orientation

Let’s Dive Deeper

Understanding that getting the most out of additive manufacturing requires a change in mindset, 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS includes model optimization as well as all preparations for printability as part of the design process. Being “additive manufacturing aware” allows designers to let their creativity lead the way and not be encumbered by traditional manufacturing limitations. As a result, it opens the door to a new world of opportunities that were previously extremely hard or even impossible to achieve. Producing complex geometries, achieving lighter weight parts without compromising on strength, and applying surface structures are only some of the benefits and capabilities that additive manufacturing introduces to the design process.

3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS supports
Ensure quality prints with minimal supports

How It Works

3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS is a complementary software for SOLIDWORKS, equipping professional users, designers and engineers with everything they need to prepare and optimize their designs for additive manufacturing. A click of a button in SOLIDWORKS brings SOLIDWORKS native CAD data directly into 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS and provides an extensive toolset to easily analyze, prepare and optimize the design for additive manufacturing.

This all-in-one solution eliminates the need for back and forth iterative and cumbersome processes involving multiple software solutions. Instead, 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS  

provides a direct path from SOLIDWORKS design to additive manufacturing and into the new world of additive manufacturing opportunities.

3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS is available exclusively for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD subscribers. The  Standard Edition is included in SOLIDWORKS subscriptions and can be downloaded at no extra cost from:

Learn more and join us for a live demo at 3D System booth #728, in SOLIDWORKS World.